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Selling house in January

10 Top Tips to Selling Your House in January

With such a high level of demand for property, the property market in the UK is now seen as a year-round industry. This is a change from the traditional format of the market which would be a lot quieter in the winter. Anyone looking to sell their home in the winter should check out these 10 top tips to sell your house in January.

Create a clear path

Whether your path is blocked by snow, rain causing puddles or wind blowing leaves and debris onto the path, it is important that you create a clear path from the entrance to your path to your front door.

Make the home as light as possible

One of the biggest issues about the property market in January is the lack of natural light, so it is important to allow as much light into your home as possible. For starters, make sure you pull back your curtains and open shutters, allowing as much natural light into your home as possible.

You should also look to use lights outside of the house, which adds safety and security, but also inside the home. Rather than using one big light in the centre of the home, using a number of lights around the home creates a better mood and atmosphere.

Make sure the home is warm

You want people to feel warm, comfortable and at home when they arrive at your property, so make sure that you have the property at a good temperature. You should look to ensure that your home is warmed to the intended temperature before guests arrive to ensure that your heating doesn’t kick in when you have people viewing your home.

If you have a fireplace or stove, use it during the viewing period but make sure that it is safe and secure when people who are unsure of your home are walking around.

Try to create a seasonable and comfortable mood

While the nature of Hygge was popular in the UK in 2016, many people just saw it as a natural way to stay comfortable and cosy at home. One of the best things about Hygge was that it provided people with a specific style or trend to create a homely atmosphere and during the winter months, you want to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere and style around the home.

Don’t overdo the scents and smells

Given that some people are allergic to scents and smells, you always want to be cautious about using these products when you have new people coming into your home. However, during the winter months, many people may be bunged up with the cold, limiting the impact of scents and some people may be extra sensitive with respect to smelling.

It is always of benefit to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, with the smell of baking combining with the warmth and taste on offer but you should look to minimise store bought scent providers at this time of year.

Minimise the personal touches

This is a tip that is always a good idea to remember when presenting a property but during the winter, you may have personal matters around the home. If you want people to picture themselves in your property, you want to create a blank space where they can picture themselves. This means you should look to declutter your home and allow people to picture themselves in the property.

Add storage options inside your front door

The weather in winter can cause havoc in a home so minimise issues by setting up a coat stand, an umbrella stand a place where people can wipe their feet and even store their shoes. This will save you a lot of effort in cleaning your home and it will also make visitors feel that you take great pride in your home, even during challenging months like January.

Serve up hot drinks and winter food

You want your guests to feel at home and providing food and drink is always a good idea. As well as pleasing your visitors, it allows them to picture your home as a cosy and welcoming house while showcasing the fact that it is ideal for baking, making coffee or warm drinks.

While bread and cakes are often recommended when offering food to guests, during the winter, offer something more seasonal. Being able to offer soup at this time of year will create a very positive impression and if you are confident in your cooking skills and you have a lot of guests, consider offering stew or chilli. Hot chocolate or drinks like mulled apples (which could be offered in an alcoholic format too) will be well received.

Offer images or video content of your home in summer

If your home is warm and robust in January, people can be confident about its condition all year round. This is a major reason why you should present your home in January because great homes offer a lot of confidence about their condition all year round. However, there is no denying that homes and properties look at their best during the summer months. If you have images or video content of your home in the summer, be sure to offer them.

Provide an information pack when people leave

You want to make sure guests remember your home so provide them with something that will ensure they remember your home at a later date. An information pack about your home or the local area will be useful as well as increasing the chances that someone will remember your home.

Some property experts will say that selling your home in January is a difficult task but these tips should make the process easier.