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12 Buyers For Every Seller In UK Property Market

If you are looking to sell your home, one of the most pleasing sights you can see is a queue of interested people looking to buy your home. Obviously, you still need to turn interested parties into people who make an offer and follow-through to buy your property but having interested parties is much easier to deal with than having no one interested at all.

Therefore, information provided by a well-known UK estate agent may suggest that this is an appropriate time to place your property onto the market. The research states that the past year has seen the volume of interested people registering with estate agents increase by 22.1%. At the same time, the volume of properties on the market has risen by 6.5%. This is the basis for the notion that the number of buyers outstrips property in the market.

It is natural that first-time buyers will express an interest in purchasing property

The findings by Haart, which don’t necessarily correlate with relative figures from other estate agents, suggest that that there has been an annual rise of 24% in first-time buyers showing an interest in property. The same firm also suggests that there was a 16.8% increase in interested first-time buyers between February and March of 2018.

While this is positive news, homeowners will be keen to see more than just initial interest in property purchases. Given the stamp duty cuts for first-time buyers purchasing property at less than £300,000, it is natural that these buyers will be looking into the market and enquiring if they will be able to buy property. However, it is likely that a strong proportion of these interested parties will find that they cannot buy the property they are looking for or they may decide to wait until later before making a move.

The fact that people are interested in buying property is a positive thing, but this initial interest needs to be followed up on.

Some houses will be more attractive than others

It also needs to be remembered that not every house is the same. One property may have a string of interested parties while other homes have no one looking at it, at least not at its current price. This may sound depressing news for vendors, but it is important to be realistic about the challenges people face in the property market.

If you are realistic about the challenges, and you accept that you need to work hard to ensure your property appeals to buyers, you increase your chances of selling your home. Effective pricing, strategic promotion, targeted staging and informative communication can all positively impact on a property owners chances of selling their home.

Another step which can positively impact on a property owner’s chances of selling their home is enlisting the services of the right estate agent. If you are looking to sell your home, consider Griffin Residential. We are on hand to provide you with all the support and guidance you need. When it comes to attracting buyers to your door, we get you the results you desire.