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5 Ways You Can Sell Your Home Swiftly

It is estimated that over 1.19 million homes will be sold in the UK in 2019, based on the market study of Statista. If you have any property that you would like to let go within the year, it’s good to know how it could be counted within this number. In a competitive real estate sales market, it always makes sense to consider old and new ways to sell a home. When you’re aiming to sell your home as fast as possible, what clever ways can you go about it?

Throw In Luxury Appliances

Your kitchen will sell your house; at least, this is what the National Association for Estate Agents said. When it comes to attracting buyers for your home, the kitchen is one of the things that will eventually make or break the decision to buy. So it’s good to be creative with how you package your kitchen. If it’s at all possible, throw in some luxury appliances that can sweeten the deal for the buyer. Buyers are always interested in extra deals that they can make so they can get the most luxury for their money.

Do Virtual Tours

In the realm of the internet, having a visually strong representation of your property is key. Having a virtual tour of your property helps buyers that are not able to come to see the property personally. Putting up virtual tours starting from the outside helps to show the property’s kerb appeal and the flow of the architecture. It also ensures that the tour will be available in all times of the day for anyone who wants to view it. Using a drone can also help greatly with showing the surrounding area of the property, too.

Season-Themed Open House Parties

One of the old but good ways to sell a house is to hold an open house party. The UK is a country that is blessed with beautiful shifts in seasons so it’s good to embrace that by applying seasonal themed parties to your property. Not only will it show that the home can embrace different seasons but it helps you interact with buyers in a congenial setting. A fun open house party can foster a relaxed setting that helps ease pressure off buyers and carefully cultivate their interest in your property.

Flaunt Your EPC

90% of home buyers are now looking for a property that is energy efficient, according to a survey conducted by Kiplinger. So if you’re selling your home, it’s good to apply for an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). This certificate is valid for ten years so investing in it once can go a long way. Having a good green rating for your property can ramp up the interest of those looking for energy-efficient forever homes.

Take “You” Out of the Property

A common enough mistake of a lot of home sellers is that they keep around personal keepsakes when they post photos or videos of the property. It’ll be hard for a home buyer to envision themselves in a space when it’s got your face all over it. A simple yet brilliant way to sell your home is to take yourself out of the image of the home. If you’ve got any photos of the property with the beloved family pet it in, take it down. Not only will that put a face to the property but it will get buyers to question what sort of damage has been incurred because of your pet.

You don’t have to spend a lot to sell your home swiftly. In fact, all it takes is approaching the sale from a different angle. Try out different and brilliant ways to sell your property and you just might be surprised at the result.