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Afford a Warm Welcome

5 Tips For Showing Someone Around Your Home

If you have people interested in your home, you are doing something right but you haven’t achieved anything until you turn a viewer or interested party into a buyer. The viewing stage is crucial and here are 5 top tips for showing someone around your home.

How to Get a House Ready to Sell Quickly

You should look to give any guest to your home a warm welcome but when it comes to pleasing potential buyers, you want to create the best possible first impression. You should welcome the viewer, provide them with information about the home (including any printed material you may have) but you should also provide them with time and space to view the property.

As long as you make it clear that you will be available for questions, allow people to view your property at their own pace.

Review the temperature of your home

You want to create a positive atmosphere at your home. If you are selling during the summer months, make sure that your home is cool and that people don’t feel uncomfortable when walking around your property. If you are selling during the winter months, make sure that your home is warm and that people aren’t cold when viewing your home.

You want to create a good temperature level in advance of people visiting your home because heating or air conditioning systems can be noisy. If you can have viewers at your property without subjecting them to noisy aspects like this, you’ll create a better impression.

Set the right mood

It is likely that there will be a likely buyer for your home and you should aim to create a mood or atmosphere that appeals to them. Also, if you have attractions like a natural fireplace or a water feature in the garden, ensure that it is turned on or in effect.

Don’t go overboard with neutralising smells and scents

While it is important to neutralise any nasty smells at your home, it is important that you don’t go overboard with air fresheners or deodorisers at your home. Too many smells like this can make people suspicious of what you are trying to hide, so they may form a negative opinion of your home. Equally, some viewers may be allergic to these products, so bear this in mind when reviewing the smell of your home.

If you can locate and then remove nasty smells at your property, and allow as much fresh air to blow through your home as possible, you’ll find it easier to create an atmosphere that is attractive to all of your guests.

Also, if you are looking to create a positive atmosphere by having the smell of fresh bread or cookies, make sure that you provide these items for your guests. This smell will make people think that treats will be on offer and they can feel quite annoyed if they aren’t available during the viewing!

Encourage Feedback - Online Estate Agents Review

While many people would prefer to receive no feedback or insight into what people think of their home, you should encourage this. It may be that you have overlooked an issue or there is something that appeals to your taste but no one else’s. Encouraging people to provide you with feedback, either face to face, through the use of notes or later online, is positive and it will help people to have a more positive view of you and your property.

This feedback can help you present your property better at a later date or it may give you a chance to resolve issues and then invite viewers back.

The viewing stage is absolutely essential when looking to sell your home and these tips will provide you with ideas on how to manage a viewing in the most effective manner.