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What is the average click through rate for

A question we should all be asking.

The click through rate or for short CTR is the number of people who are clicking on your property to view the full details, pictures and estate agency branding on

It's one of the essential features of having an online estate agency as without views, and there would be no sales.

How do you increase your CTR on and

1. Use an estate agent that takes premium quality photographs.

To increase the CTR an estate agent should invest in premium quality photography and the best promotional packages on any major property portal like or If this is done then it can be expected to receive a large number of enquiries.

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2. Use an estate agent which can see the details of each property they list on

Griffin Residential has an average of a 7% click through rate and we monitor our analytics daily, we look after the properties which are getting fewer views by upgrading their photos and writing a better description. A great way of checking your stats on is to click the "details views" button.

3. Use an estate agent which will not just rely solely on Rightmove to show their listings

Most estate agents use and no other options for their listings, Griffin Residential not only uses Rightmove but Google business listings, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest,, and their website. This gives a better chance of a property to be viewed and sold more quickly.

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Rightmove Property Performance Report

Lastly and most importantly, produces a property performance report once a week for every listing on their website, an agent should have access to this and should use it to monitor their results. This can let them know how to improve the CTR on your listing for better performance. They also have a great tutorial video which you can watch here.

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