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Choose the best broadband deal for your new house

Given the importance of the internet, the standard of broadband connection is a crucial factor to consider when looking for a new home. If you are reliant on the internet, this has to be something to consider when you draw up a list of criteria for your new home.

Some factors to consider when looking for the best broadband deal for your new house include:

  • The cost of the package
  • What you actually need broadband for

Your own budget will dictate the range of broadband packages you can choose from. There are many affordable broadband packages on offer but if you need a certain download speed or a certain amount of GB, you may find that you are limited to a more expensive selection of property.

A rough guide to what monthly download limit you may need can be seen as:

  • 2GB per month for a household that mainly browses and uses email
  • 10 to 30GB per month for browsing and watching on-demand TV
  • 40 to 80 GB per month for browsing, watching on-demand TV and downloading music
  • 40GB to Unlimited per month for browsing, watching on-demand TV, downloading music and playing online games

Anyone who is classed as the 40GB level would be advised to consider an unlimited download package.

Factors to consider include:

What broadband is on offer in my area?

Your location will greatly impact on the type of broadband you can receive. If you are moving to a city area or a built-up region, you should be able to choose from all the leading providers and from a wide range of options. If you are moving to a rural area, some internet service providers may not operate in these areas.  Living in a rural area can also impact on the type of broadband service and package on offer.

Speak to the experts in this area to make sure you know what options are available to you.

How fast is fast broadband and do I need it?

There is a lot of talk about broadband speeds and the importance of being fast. The thing is, you probably don’t need the fastest broadband speed unless you are downloading a lot and even then, it is important to be aware that the stated speed provided by a broadband company is likely to be the average or the maximum speed as opposed to what you are likely to receive.

If you need to have a consistent speed, make sure the company you choose can provide this to you.

Do you need a phone line or digital TV?

If you also need other services, it may be that you can obtain a more affordable bundle that provides you with broadband, TV and a phone line. This will depend on your individual needs so have a think about this before you make a commitment.

Once you can answer all of these questions, you will find it easier to hone in on the broadband that is best for your needs.