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Give Your Home the Luxury Hotel Look

There’s no better feeling than entering a luxury hotel and feeling like a million dollars, or £768,000 in todays conversion rates. The carefully chosen décor in luxury hotels make it a pleasure to be there. But why not experience that in your own home every day of the year?

Here are some great ways you can give your home the luxury hotel look without spending too much cash!


Upgrade your bedroom linen

Purchase some high quality, high threat sheets along with a duvet and pillows. You won’t get the hotel look with old worn out sheets and a deflated duvet now, will you! Every morning you should make the bed, ensuring that the duvet is flat across the bed with the top pillows placed above the duvet for that classy hotel look.

It makes a big difference walking into your room knowing a comfortable, well-presented bed awaits you. And we all know how satisfying it is to jump on a freshly made hotel bed, right!?


Add a little bit of Mother Nature

Greenery and floral accents are a small investment but pack a big punch. Baby’s Breath, Sunflowers, Gladiolus, and Chrysanthemum aren’t too expensive and are beautiful flowers to decorate your home with.


Luxury towels & dressing gown are a must

There are a number of places you can purchase high quality bath towels. Typically, white is the most common colour found in hotels and they look extremely classy. You can even get your own towels customised with your name or initials on if you’re feeling fancy.

Similar with the dressing gown, white will match the towels and will feel like you’re roaming around in your own hotel. And don’t forget the slippers


Go bold with colour

Hotels often use accent walls to add drama and interest in a small space. Apply this in your own home by painting three walls the same colour, and the fourth wall a few shades darker or wallpaper it! This will instantly add a designer touch.

Having dark walls also offer a great platform to hang up unique artwork, which will really catch your attention, just like the artwork in most high class hotels.


Let there be light 

Adding windows to let more light in is neither realistic or cost effective, however you can try to brighten up your property by decorating with lighter shades that will help reflect light or installing brighter bulbs in your lights.

If you prefer the dark yet warm lighting, you can always install dimmable light switches so you have the option to change it up.

With these tips, you can spend every day living in a luxury hotel… a luxury hotel that you own!