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Home Improvements - Build Up, Out And Then Down

The majority of homeowners understand the benefits of carrying out home improvements. It may be that budget or time constraints stop some property owners from carrying out the work that they would like to, but it may also be that the range of home improvement options available overwhelms people. There is a need to consider your options and make an informed decision and at Griffin Residential, we are here to help you out.

Think about what home improvements work for you

While many houses look the same or are built to the same specifications, the needs and aims of every owner helps to make every single home unique. Therefore, it is essential that you consider what you need from your home. You also need to consider what budget you have, what time you have available and what your short and long-term aims are. This means that you have a lot of thinking to do before you get started with home improvement work, but once you do, you should consider your options in the following order:

  • Build up – Loft Conversions are regarded as the first choice when carrying out home improvement work
  • Build out – Extensions are considered the next best option when it comes to improving your home
  • Build down – Basement conversions are an option to consider but there are issues regarding this work

You should find that one of these options will be suitable for you. If you have a loft area that is not in use, this is the obvious starting point for carrying out home improvement work. The added space will help increase the value of your property but for many homeowners, it is the added utility that comes from the additional space that is the real reason to improve your home in this manner.

Add value and utility to your property

The combination of added utility and added value ensures that there are short and long-term benefits in carrying out improvement work, but therefore, you need to consider what you are looking for. If you are keen to sell your home soon, adding an extra bedroom or living space is a smart way to add value to the property, and you can even enjoy a good return on your initial investment.

Not everyone is keen to convert their loft and of course, many people don’t have a loft area they can convert. Extending your property out is a smart option, but again, the ability to do this work depends on whether you have the space to do so.

When it comes to carrying out work beneath your home, this is major work and you should only consider this when working alongside experienced professionals. Some homeowners have no other option but to convert or extend a basement area, and it can be carried out to significant effect, but this is an option that is not for every homeowner.

At Griffin Residential, we know that home improvements can transform property, but we also know that many people feel overwhelmed with the range of available options. If you would like advice or guidance on what you should do next with respect to improving your home, get in touch and we will be more than happy to assist.


Photo credits: Trusty Joe