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Hope for Wales Letting Market to Restart on June 19


For the past 11 weeks tenants in Wales have been unable to move or physically view a new potential rental property. That’s all about to change on June 19 – the day after the Welsh Government hold their next coronavirus restrictions review.

And it’s not before time according to many Welsh tenants and landlords. All of whom have had to sit and watch from the side-lines as England’s property market was kick-started back into life more than a week ago. Scotland’s property market too remains stagnant, but is due to re-open again one day earlier than in Wales on June 18.

So far, the Welsh government has stated that people can only move house if it is “essential.’ This has resulted in more than 16,485 property transactions in Wales being put on hold – more than 50 per cent of which were already sold, subject to contract.


Property priorities altered for renters in Wales

Meanwhile, the lockdown has affected home priorities for renters to a similar extent to that of buyers. Rightmove’s survey showed 59 per cent of those looking to rent in Wales wanted access to a garden. Just over 40 per cent of tenants wanted to live in a larger property and 27 per cent wanted a “better” home office. Being allowed to keep a pet was higher post-lockdown too with 29 per cent asking for that, while 27 per cent wanted their rental property in Wales to be near a park.


Ban on rental evictions extended for further two months

Tenants worried about losing their rental property and having to find somewhere else to live have been given a further two months breathing space. The Ban on Evictions for social or private rental tenants during the coronavirus pandemic was extended last week, giving tenants a five-month moratorium. The new deadline is now August 23. Meanwhile, landlords whose tenants are experiencing financial problems also have the opportunity to take a five month “mortgage holiday” to allow them to attempt to recoup rent at a later date.

A government spokesman said that if tenants were experiencing financial difficulties then they should ask their landlord for a flexible payment plan. He said both sides should both “work together and exhaust all possible options…to ensure cases only end up in court as an absolute last resort.”


Property prices remain buoyant – despite coronavirus

Meanwhile, landlords, together with buyers and sellers in Wales will be heartened to hear that the property market in England is busier than ever since re-opening. And asking prices are six per cent higher compared to the same period last year, say analysts at property portal Zoopla.

They describe the property’s market’s bounce back in England as “unprecedented.’” One Zoopla executive said the number of property sales agreed via the portal had jumped by 137 per cent in a week.


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