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How Property Portals Have Helped The Property Market

The emergence of the internet has changed the way that items are bought and sold. This is as true for major purchases, like homes and cars, as it is for fast moving consumer goods. There will be people who believe that property portals have had a negative impact on the property market, much in the way that some people will always find a way to complain about a change from traditional methods.

There are definitely reasons why these portals should be encouraged and here are some of the ways how the property portals have helped the property market.


UK Online Property portals bring convenience to the property market

One of the most important ways in which property portals have helped the property market is by adding convenience. People are no longer constrained by the working hours of estate agents or people’s availability to view a home. With online property portals, information, images and even video clips of property are available around the clock.

No matter the time of day or night, people can look at properties, which has to be positive for the market. The fact that property portals make it easier for people to hone their search into particular areas and to specific property types or sizes makes property portals extremely convenient.


Selling Your Home Online Lowers Costs

As has been seen in a number of industries, having an online presence as opposed to physical bricks and mortar presence is cheaper for companies. The removal of this overhead allows for a cheaper service to be provided to users. Anyone that is looking to save money will find that opting for an online estate agent makes sense, so property portals help people to save money.


It allows users to choose a tailored solution

There will be arguments against the money-saving benefits of property portals. After all, selling and buying homes is a complicated process with significant legal repercussions. There is a need for deals to be concluded effectively and this maybe isn’t an area to go for the cheapest option.

The good thing about property portals is that they aren’t just about the cheapest option. They allow for a tailored service to be created and this means people can only pay for what they actually need. This means property portals offer tremendous value for money, which is hugely important for many people.


It means people are less dependent on a small number of agents

If you live in an area with only a few local estate agents, you may feel that your options are limited. The presence of property portals and online estate agents gives you other options to consider. In this sense, it is likely that property portals have caused traditional estate agents to improve the service they offer to clients.

With respect to the overall impact on the property market, one of the greatest benefits provided by property portals will be the impact on customer service. With traditional estate agents now facing genuine competition with respect to the services they offer, many users have experienced better services, a more varied service range and even improved prices from estate agents.


Property can be shown to a wider range of people

It used to be that if you couldn’t physically make it to an area; you would be struggling to find a home that was right for you. If people were moving for work or studies and would be able to visit at the time of their arrival, they would often have to live in hotels or quickly find a rental option.

The emergence of property portals has changed this. People can look at homes all around the world, saving time and giving people a great idea of what is on offer in an area before they arrive.

The property market has changed significantly in recent times and a large reason for this is the emergence of property portals such as Rightmove, Zoopla and PrimeLocation.