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How to Increase Your House Selling Potential

When it comes to selling your home, there are a number of things you can do to maximise it’s selling potential to not only make for a quicker sell, but to also increase the amount you receive for your property.

In an increasingly competitive property market, it’s imperative to do the most you can to increase your chances of selling your property to benefit you financially and save you time.

Here are several ways you can increase your house selling potential.


Redecorate tired rooms

First things first, to ensure you impress buyers when they come to view your property, it’s important that they see that the property has been kept in good condition.

By redecorating tired walls, doors, skirting boards, windows and floors, you will increase your chances of securing a buyer quickly, and with a strong bid.

When considering options for redecoration, stick to neutral and easy-to-work-with colours for walls so that it doesn’t intimidate viewers. Anything too garish may not be to everyone’s taste, and the extra work in the buyers mind might make him or her inclined to offer low or not at all.


Add an extension or conservatory

Though it may be more of a long-term gain, adding a quality extension or conservatory to your property, where possible, is going to be a great way to increase value to the property.

It may be the fact that you are increasing the bedroom count of the property which opens up buyer-base significantly as larger families who tend to have a higher budget will want to view your property.

Conservatories are very popular as it can be used for a multitude of things from dining space, kids play area, games room or simply a place to sit down and read a novel. This in turn, will bring value to the property and increase the selling potential of your home.


Reduce clutter

Even Buckingham Palace would be unpleasant to view if it were filled with clutter. Give your property the showing-off that it deserves by keeping it tidy and well presented upon selling. It enables your viewers to see the property in its entirety and can help them get a better visual image of the layout.

Don’t do your property an injustice by leaving kids toys, books, electrical items, bikes and other miscellaneous items around the house. If you are struggling to find anywhere else to put things, and you don’t have a garage space, consider moving some of your items into a local storage unit during the selling period.


Maintain the gardens

Keep both your front and back garden well pruned and presented like you are competing at the Chelsea Flower show for when people come to view your property.

If you have unkempt hedges filling your garden, it may be the case that they’re making your garden look smaller than it actually is!

Most importantly, your front garden should be priority, as this will be one of the first things a buyer will see when coming to view your property – and as the old saying goes ‘first impressions count’.


Your garage is an asset

If people are coming to view your property because they have seen it advertised as having a garage, don’t think it’s okay to leave your garage in a complete state.

People use their garage as a place to lock away tools, cars and other expensive items that they can’t store in their house. Be sure to fix up any damage to your garage and make it as secure as possible so that your garage adds genuine value to your home because of it’s practicality and security that it can offer buyers in their day to day life.

These pointers will get you well on your way to ensuring that your property has great potential for selling which may provide you with higher offers and a quicker selling experience.

If you need any further advice on how to increase the selling potential of your property, all at Griffin Residential would be more than happy to assist you.