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How To Present Your Home Ready For Sale

Given the competition in the property market, it is essential that you do whatever you can to improve your chances of selling your home. This means you should present your property in the most effective manner. This guide will provide you with a range of tips on how to present your home ready for sale.

Remove clutter and utilise storage if you can

You should be looking to clear as much space as you can. This means you need to declutter your property and you should be ruthless. Removing clutter will make the moving process easier after you sell your home but it will have an immediate benefit when presenting property.

You can give items away, you can sell them or you can place them into storage but if you don’t need items around the house or they add nothing to the presentation of your home, remove them from your property.

Showcase your storage space

When presenting a home, many people think it is okay to place as many items as possible into closets and cupboards. This is a mistake because these can be a great tool in selling the benefits of your home. If you can show that you have a lot of storage space and that it will provide a homeowner with convenience, it will be of great benefit.

This means you should use storage spaces in the correct manner and make this an area that is attractive and pleasant to look at.

Clean your home thoroughly

This is an obvious tip but if you’re looking to impress potential buyers, your home should be as clean as possible. Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional cleaning firm is up to you but the cleaner your home, the more likely it will be that a buyer will be interested.

Take care of all of the DIY jobs that need to be completed

When you’re living in a home, many small jobs can arise. The chipped door handle or sticking drawer may not be an inconvenience to everyday life but to a potential buyer, they can be major concerns. This is why you should take care of all of these jobs before placing your home on the market.

Go neutral with your decoration and keep things simple

Decorating your home before placing it on the market is a great way to freshen up your home and create a positive atmosphere. You should look to decorate in a neutral manner, avoiding bright and bold colours or choices. Ideally, you should create a blank canvas that will allow the viewers to imagine themselves in the home or give them an opportunity to stamp their mark on the property.

Minimise personal items

You should also look to remove as many personal items from your home as you can. You want to make viewers feel as though they can live in this property and that it will be their home. If you have a lot of family images and personal items, they may struggle to get beyond the thought that this is your home.

Allow natural light in

A great way to make your home feel spacious and welcoming is to allow as much natural light in as possible. Drawing back the curtains and creating space around windows will help to improve the appearance and condition of your home.

Ensure every room has a purpose

One issue that a lot of property sellers don’t consider is that every room should have a purpose. We all know that everyday living can end up with a room being used for general storage or as the spare room where every other activity takes place. That is fair enough when living in a home but if you are looking to sell a property, it is vital to create a purpose for every room, as this reinforces the utility of the home. Even if the room doesn’t offer a purpose that the buyer will use (say it is currently used as a home office while a buyer may prefer to use it as a home gym), it is far better to designate a purpose to a room than to leave it blank or as a generic room.

Focus on all five senses

Don’t just focus on the appearance of the property. You want to make sure the home smells good, you want to ensure that all surfaces are clean to touch and you should look to minimise any noise from inside or outside of the home. You may not think that taste is too important when presenting your home but you can create a positive impression by serving up freshly baked produce or coffee. The smells will be appealing, you will showcase what can be achieved in your kitchen and you’ll also put a smile on people’s faces.

Other quick tips to remember include:

  • Make sure your garden area has kerb appeal
  • Clear a walkway or flow to showcase visitors
  • Start on a high
  • Tour the outside before your final stop
  • Dress smartly
  • Be prepared to answer all manner of questions
  • Don’t forget the finishing touches

Following these tips when presenting your property will help you to create a stronger impression, which should help you sell your home in a better manner.