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how to sell house quickly

Sell My House FAST

Selling a property can be a daunting task, even more so if you are under pressure to sell your house fast.

The decision to sell your home is not one that should be taken lightly, given the numerous obstacles and added stress that comes with property sales. When time is of the essence, for whatever reason that might be, you can explore a number of options that may help you sell your house fast.

When it comes to a quick property sale, it is common to have questions like; 

  • How can I sell my house fast? 

  • Can I sell my house fast for cash?

  • Who can help me sell my house quickly?

  • How to sell my house quickly for a good price?

From paying their child's tuition fee to taking care of a loan, people sell their homes for a variety of reasons. Thanks to numerous technological advancements, the property sector has been revolutionised, affecting the ways in which property buyers, property sellers and industry professionals interact. Selling a house has undoubtedly become easier, as has selling your house quickly, but it is by no means easy and can have a few negative points.

If you find yourself wondering how to sell a house quickly and are considering a quick property sale as a serious option, this article should give you some advice on how to sell your home fast!

Quick house sale

Ways to Sell Your Home Fast

To reiterate, selling a home is not easy and selling your house quickly can be tricky business. However, with the correct approach and methods, you might be able to sell your house fast and for a reasonable price too. Here are a few tips for selling your home fast that could help you avoid some dangerous pitfalls.

Sell Your House Fast to a Home Buying Company

Sell my house fast

There are many different reasons why you should consider selling your home to a 'We buy houses' company. Homeowners are unable to sell their homes quickly, mostly because they do not understand how marketing works in the property sector. Cash buying property companies have their network, and in most cases, a team that understands how to use marketing to their best advantage. Thus, these companies are easily able to sell homes at a reasonable price. That apart, selling homes to a 'we buy houses' company also saves the stress homeowners feel when they try to sell property quickly for cash.

Further, irrespective of whatever shape your home or property is in, a 'we buy houses' company will buy it. Thus, these cash buying property companies save you the additional cost of restoring a house before selling it. There are many advantages of selling your home to a cash buying company, especially when you need ready money.

Go for Private Sale

sell home fast

If you are someone who is considering selling a home for cash, it is a good idea to opt for private sale. However, embrace yourself to be patient. Private sales take time. Closed home sales or for-sale-by-owner is a term used in the real-estate sector to denote homes being sold by the owner. In most cases, owners choose to work with an estate agent. However, estate agents charge a huge commission. Thus, many property owners decide to sell their home to save this colossal commission fee. Buying a home from a private seller is a good idea for the buyers as well as the buyers get the chance to meet the owner and ask any questions they may have. Homeowners opting for private sales should register their home on private real estate listings and look actively for people looking to buying a house from a private seller.

Hold an Auction

An excellent way to sell your house quickly is to hold an auction. Holding an auction will allow you to get access to more than just one potential buyer. However, since most homeowners do not know many potential homebuyers, it is a good idea to hold an auction through property websites. These companies and websites will get your property the much-needed exposure. PropertyPal Auctions is a trusted name in this regard.

Opt for Part Exchange If You Need Money to Buy a New Home

If the reason you have been looking to sell your home fast and for cash is you wanting to invest in another property, consider opting for part exchange. Part exchange is an agreement under which the developer will allow you to use your current home as part exchange and help to buy you the property you wish to purchase. Thus, your existing home is used as part payment for the property you want to buy next. Part exchange is an excellent idea as it saves the hassle of finding a buyer and making a sale. However, since developers want to sell a part exchange home as quickly as possible, they are fussy about the properties they pick.

Take Advantage of Home Equity Release Schemes

The government of the UK launches home equity release schemes from time to time. Home reversion schemes aim to help older homeowners who might struggle to get a mortgage or older citizens who have little or no income. If you are aged 55 or above and have a home, you can get tax-free money based on the value of your home under the home reversion plan under 55. Similarly, getting equity released on shared ownership property is also a good idea. This way, you will be able to raise some money without having to change the place where you live.

Organise a House Raffle

A house raffle is a gambling competition where each person is provided with a ticket and a chance to win a house. Since in the case of a raffle, people from around the country gamble; in most cases, a house raffle is easily able to raise money equivalent to the value of the property. However, organising a house raffle is a challenging task. It is, thus, a good idea to go through a company that has some experience in this department. Dancers Hill Raffle is a well-known name in this area.

Use an Online Estate Agent

Sell my house fast

If you are looking to sell your house fast and for cash, there is no better way to do it than through an online estate agent. An online estate agent is essentially a digital replacement for a traditional estate agent. However, before you hire and trust an online estate agent, get a precise quote on the fee and ask them to keep YOU in the loop of everything they are doing.


Selling a home fast for cash may seem impossible, but it is not if you choose the right method or approach. If your home needs renovation, it's best to sell it to a home buying company. If you need money, it's best to go for private sale and save the commission costs. Opt for part exchange if you are trying to raise money to buy a new house. If you are aged 55 or above, take advantage of home equity release schemes. If you have some time, organise a house raffle or choose to work with an online estate agent. The right way to sell your house will depend on how much money you need and how long can you afford to wait.