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Will Superfast Broadband Help to Sell My Home Online?

Even though there is a huge level of demand for properties, people selling their homes still need to take steps to be seen as the property that people want to buy. It is a competitive marketplace and property sellers need to ensure they provide buyers with reasons to fall in love with their home.

Fast broadband may not seem like the most important thing when buying a home but when you consider how important reliable internet connectivity is for modern life, you will soon realise that fast broadband is a factor that makes a home look more attractive.

It may be that the type of buyer you are more likely to sell to will impact on the importance of broadband but no matter what sort of demographic you consider, most people will benefit from a high standard of broadband:

  • Elderly couples – Maybe looking to Facetime/video message with family members and friends
  • Families – A huge demand for streaming or downloading films and music, doing homework
  • Young professionals – Most likely to being-watch series
  • Students – Even rental accommodation sees a demand for fast broadband as students study, watch films, use live chat with family and friends

The fact that reliable broadband connectivity is a major component in people’s lives means that it is something to bear in mind when staging a property to sell. It is common for homeowners to invest in their property to make it more attractive and if your current broadband speeds are poor, but can be improved with a reasonable investment, this may be something worth considering.

The Importance of Broadband when Selling your home on the internet

In 2014, Knight Frank’s Rural Sentiment Survey suggested that 70% of respondents believed that fast broadband was important in buying a home. In the time since that survey was taken, internet usage, downloading and streaming has become an even more integral part of life so it is likely that many people will ask questions about broadband speeds and availability when looking for a property.

If you have fast broadband, showcase this fact

This means if you are able to show that you receive fast broadband, it should be something you are proud of and mention when you get the chance. When selling your home, most people now realise to accentuate the positives of their property and to make sure the positive aspects of their home are featured or showcased. It may be that there is a stunning view from one of the windows or traditional features in certain parts of the property. These are aspects that can make a home stand out from other properties, which means that there will be a greater level of demand for the home.

Fast and reliable broadband is quickly becoming a feature along these lines, if it is not already considered to be something that ensures your home is well worth considering. It needs to be remembered that demand for fast broadband is only going to rise, so the sooner you ensure your property is equipped in this manner, the easier it will be to provide potential buyers with what they are looking for in a new home.