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Moving Day - A Helpful Checklist

So you have finally exchanged on your new property and you’ve got two weeks until your completion date. Now is a perfect time to get everything prepared for when you come to move into your new property. Here’s a helpful checklist that will help you on moving day. 

Book professional removals
First things first, you should arrange for a reputable removal company to assist you with moving furniture, boxes and other valuable items. They will have years of experience in the trade so will likely make the move as smooth as possible without you pulling a muscle in your back from copious heavy lifting. 
If you are moving into your first property and don’t have much to bring, maybe a removals company is a little overkill, but be sure to ask friends and family to assist you on the day. You don’t realise how much stuff you really have until you move house! 

Change your address details 
Inform the relevant companies of your change of address. Most importantly, you should inform your gas, electrics and water provider of the change of address. Also, you will need to arrange for your TV license to start at your new property, as it does not transfer from your old property. 
You should also inform your bank, subscriptions and apply for a new drivers license. Don’t forget to tell your friends and family… unless you were looking for a bit of piece and quiet!

Redirect post
It can be frustrating for both you and the new homeowner when your post won’t stop arriving after you’ve moved. Be sure to set up a redirection process for any post that comes your way. You can choose to set up a redirection for 1, 3, 6 or more months. 
For more information or to set up a postal redirection, visit 

Manage your food shop
You should start to think about the days following up to the move in terms of how much food you will be buying and putting into your fridge. Consider using everything up and stop buying in foods. Maybe, for just one week you can enjoy your favourite takeaway foods without feeling guilty. Frozen food can be stored and transferred in cool boxes on the day. 

Clear out unwanted items
To reduce the amount of possessions you need to move on the day, consider clearing out any unwanted items. You could try and sell items on eBay or Gumtree to make some extra money or simply take a trip to the local tip. 

Plan for an early start
Starting your day early is the best piece of advice we can give you. You will be surprised how quickly the day will pass by when you are moving house. The last thing you want to be doing is playing catch up all day, and if there are people waiting to move into your home, it can become pretty stressful. 
We’re sure that using this checklist is a great way to get you started when it comes to moving day. We wish you a successful move and congratulations on moving into your new home from all at Griffin Residential.