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Sell your house - Nethouseprices UK - Who are nethouseprices?

One of the first property portals was nethouseprices, well ahead of its game it has 50 years experience. Nethouseprices is one of the most visited UK property portals around the world. It is run by a small team of developers, however, does not lack all the features of a large property portal development team. is a definite requirement to have your property listed if you want to make a quick sale on your house.

Nethouseprices was set up in 2004 and specialised in sold property prices in England and Wales; it has since evolved into one of the biggest property portals in the UK.

Nethouseprices provide an instant valuation of your home online like Griffin Residential; they also team up with other local estate agents to advertise properties on their large database of homes.

Are you interested in advertising your property on one of the large portals like nethouseprices? Contact us here for more information. Griffin Residential uses all large property portals to make sure your house is sold online within a fast time frame to secure a quick sale of your home. We make sure we advertise on places like nethouseprices to guarantee interest from buyers across the UK.

Nethouseprices UK logo

A true property information resource - Nethouseprices was created to hold data for the property market and make things more transparent for buyers. They provide knowledge which buyers could not previously access to help them make the best decision for their property, including sale prices and timing. Nethouseprices receives at least 7 million visits a month, which is more than the large property portal Primelocation. It's one of the oldest property portals in the UK and even actively lists using it's social media profiles proving that nethouseprices is a fine ageing product.

Nethouseprices has a number of partners it uses to help share and empower it's property reach including the homeownership programme, Houzz, allowing for a much larger reach of property buyers.

Interested in advertising on nethouseprices for a hassle-free process it couldn't be easier by contacting Griffin Residential. Contact us now to speak to a professional team who can market your property at the right price and in the right place.

How did nethouseprices UK start?

With more than 50 years experience and 12-year property portal age it has earnt, it's promising and strong reputation. It was one of the first websites to make a partnership with the Land Registry data helping others got a decent valuation for their property even 12 years ago. Nethouseprices not only deals with residential properties but also commercial, the land registry does not usually record these transactions; however, Nethouseprices UK does give it a decent outlook over the future of commercial properties. It is making nethouseprices a strong contender for the number 1 property portal in the UK.

Nethouseprices news page

Nethouseprices has a dedicated news page which is unrivalled with other property news networks, Nethouseprices gives daily informative advice on mortgages, property prices, commercial and residential news. If you are deciding where to invest then using nethouseprices would be a great resource to help with any investments around the UK.

Some of the important topics that nethouseprices cover are the following:

  • Brexit
  • Repossessed properties
  • Property markets
  • Top tips on property prices
  • School catchment guides
  • UK's most affordable cities
  • Ways to add value to your homes

This is a small number of topics that shares advice and information. Many of these guides are perfect to use and are widely visited from across the UK.

Not only does nethouseprices share great news but also has a forum for great guest posts and advice from another beginner, intermediate or advanced users.

The nethouseprices dedicated news page is extremely informative, ranging from topics like mortgages to property investment, nethouseprices works with multiple credit rating agencies like Experian to provide vital information for purchasing new homes or existing properties.

Nethouseprices valuation factors

When you are ready to sell your home, and you are ready to purchase a new property you will need to determine the value of your property, one of the most important factors of valuation is the location. This is where nethouseprices can come into play, by using their tools, you can work out a reasonable price for your property, using their house values by postcodes or working out the size / overall layout. Other factors also come into play without using nethouseprices tools, including the condition of a house, age of a house and what upgrades it has e.g. double glazing or even security.

5 step nethouseprices guide

So you finally decided to sell your house? Just remember the 5 steps below which cover the whole house process.

  1. Finding a house within your price range and location (use a property portal like nethouseprices)
  2. Make an offer
  3. Engage a solicitor to work out the legal side
  4. Arrange a mortgage
  5. Exchange contracts

Interested in advertising on nethouseprices?

Contact Griffin Residential if you are interested in advertising on any of the large advertising portals in the UK including nethouseprices, to find out more and how you can sell your property to its top market value and potential contact us now.

With Griffin Residential's expertise in property sales, we can help you advertise on multiple platforms including nethouseprices. We oversee the whole selling process for you including the property listing across all platforms like nethouseprices.