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Primelocation UK - Sell Your Homes for Less in UK

Every once in a while, hardworking folk such as yourself wish to either buy or sell a property. In fact, given a chance, you would sell a lot more property than you have right now. From finding the right prices for your property to getting the best estate agents, the process of buying or selling can be overwhelming. And with the increasing number of property internet scammers out there, it is great to have reliable websites like Prime Location. 

What is Prime Location?

Primelocation UK

Prime Location is one of the UK’s leading property websites. It specifically provides a medium for house hunters and property owners to buy, sell, rent, or lease prime property from London to Australia at reduced prices. What's best, you do all of that with none of the hassles associated with other online platforms. While it may seem so at, first, Prime Location is not an estate agency. Instead, it is merely a property portal that hosts and provides information regarding homes for sale or rent. 

Prime Location was launched in 2001, and in January 2006 the company was bought by Daily Mail & General Holdings Limited as part of an expansion strategy into the online business sector. Primelocation UK lists properties from over 16,000 estate agents across the UK. Some of the well known offline estate agents are Knight Frank, Hamptons and Strutt & Parker. It also hosts many online estate agents like Griffin Residential. Primelocation UK has at least 5 million people visit on a monthly basis and an estimated 2.3 million unique visits to Primelocation UK in April 2010!

Why Primelocation UK?

Why choose Prime Location services you ask? Prime Location arguably offers some of the best services. Among these are:

  • Steady inflow of traffic

A big problem for many wishing to sell or rent out property is the number of people who get to see their property up for sale. With Prime location though, this isn’t a problem as the site attracts more than five million visitors every month! This invariably means that a prime location property for sale usually gets purchased almost twice as fast as properties listed on other websites. 

  • Security of transactions

Until very recently, online scammers have been having a field day, ripping off innocent homeowners with fake property listings. Primelocation provide an effective solution to that as private property listings are not promoted on Prime Location. Instead, they work with and accept listings only from duly certified estate and letting agents. To this end, you can be sure that transactions involving Prime location property are always within the bounds of the law.

  • Additional Prime Location services

Prime Location also offers several perks to registered users on the site. One of such is access to Prime Location sold price records at virtually no cost. This means you can always ascertain if you are indeed getting the right value for your property by simply matching it with sold or rented property similar to yours. Another perk given to registered users on the site is accessible to an even broader range of services offered such as emailed property alerts. Thus, rather than endlessly surfing the internet, users get alerts when the desired property that meets their tastes becomes available. You also get a free property valuation from Prime Location estate agents.

  • Near-endless home listings

Prime location lists over 850,000 properties to rent or buy from over 16,000 estate and letting agent branches both all over the UK in cities like London, Bristol, Glasgow, and Cardiff. Outside the UK, Prime location rentals can be found in over 60 countries like France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, South Africa, Australia, and Dubai.

  • Endless variety

You can find on Prime Location, almost any type of property you desire at far reduced costs. From homes with lakeside views to rental properties right in sprawling cities, your unique tastes are covered. Primelocation UK rent also covers homes that display classic architectural designs for art lovers, as well as countryside homes for those craving a reprieve from the endless hustle and bustle of city life.

  • Honesty and openness

At Primelocation UK, fairness and transparency are key, and this is reflected in the relationship with users. There are ZERO hidden charges as registration and access to the services offered are free. The site makes money by selling advertising leads (thanks to its heavy traffic) and related services to professional businesses.

  • Privacy of information

At Primelocation UK, private information is kept private. The personal details of users are highly protected, and no personal information is given to other organisations without the consent of users. 

How to Register on Primelocation UK

The registration process on Prime Location is very easy and straightforward. Click on the “Register” link at the top right corner of any page. Registration can also be done by following the registration process for any service requiring it.

Primelocation UK News

Current Primelocation UK news is that they believe a number of £1m homes are to triple by 2030, which is showing a steady increase in the markets and property in total. Perfect time to sell or buy with Primelocation UK today or an online estate agent like Griffin Residential.

Are you a student? Check out Primelocation UK student portal here which can give you the leading edge on student accommodation, apartments and letting tips.

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