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The top property websites in the UK

Over the years, the property market has grown strength to strength with more homes being built every day a need for property portals (websites) to advertise all the new and old properties across the web. The question is, property website should you advertise on and why?

In this guide, we go through all the best property websites looking at the pros and cons of each one, giving you an idea of which one you should be on for your requirements.

The list of the best property websites in the UK:

  1. Rightmove
  2. OnTheMarket
  3. Zoopla
  4. Prime Location
  5. Mitula
  6. Home
  7. Nestoria
  8. Trovit
  9. HomesGoFast
  10. Nethouseprices
  11. Waterside Properties
  12. Rentify
  13. UK Land Directory
  14. Smart New Homes
  15. Propertynews

What it always comes down to is selling your property for its maximum value through the correct channels so when it comes to property websites the largest may in fact not be the best. The question is "which property website will bring my home in front of the most potential buyers for the highest price?". The two best-known property websites currently in the UK are Rightmove and Zoopla. With well over a few million visitors a month we beg the question does it matter? With more properties on these property websites, it may be harder to find what you want or sell your home amongst the others.

It mainly comes down to having the right estate agent who takes pride in uploading your property to the property websites in tip top condition with a good description, images and price. It's their job to make sure your property outshines all the others on the property portal. That's why Griffin Residential is one of the best online UK estate agents, they will take pride in your property and make sure you get the maximum for your property for a one-off fee.


The best property websites in the UK list:

Rightmove Property Website

#1. Rightmove (

Pros: One of the largest property websites, quick to be listed, easy to manage, good use of tools

Cons: Can be costly, many other properties

About: Rightmove is the UK's leading property website. They bring the UK's largest and most visited property website, they hold the largest inventory of active properties. Read more about Rightmove here.

On the market property website

2. OnTheMarket (

Pros: Quick and easy searching, a solid app, easy to use

Cons: Less advanced searching, lack of tools

About: On The Market is a very simple way to search for property, originally created by ex countrywide employees they aim to provide quick and easy service to find or sell a property.

Zoopla Property Website

3. Zoopla (

Pros: Great app, useful resources, local information and community tools

Cons: Large amount of properties, 

About: Zoopla was launched in 2008 and has been one of the most useful property websites in the UK since its inception. If your goal is to sell your property as quickly as possible, then Zoopla is one of the go-to websites. The company combines property listings with the market value information so that prospective buyers can easily buy houses. Many buyers visit this site every day, so Zoopla is an essential website to put out a property’s details if it is to be sold. Read more about Zoopla here.

Prime Location Property Website

4. Prime Location (

Pros: A more advanced search function, international properties, advice pages, new homes

Cons: A less user friendly property listings page, hard to read listings, lots of different options

About: Prime Location is one of the UK’s leading property websites. It specifically provides a medium for house hunters and property owners to buy, sell, rent, or lease prime property from London to Australia at reduced prices. What's best, you do all of that with none of the hassles associated with other online platforms. While it may seem so at, first, Prime Location is not an estate agency. Instead, it is merely a property portal that hosts and provides information regarding homes for sale or rent.  Prime Location was launched in 2001, and in January 2006 the company was bought by Daily Mail & General Holdings Limited as part of an expansion strategy into the online business sector. Read more about Prime Location here.


Mitula Property Website

#5. Mitula (

Pros: Lists cars, jobs and fashion also, global market, cheap to use

Cons: Less focus on property, hard to see search functions

About: Mitula a Spanish company is a large network of advertising sites and is handy to sell all around the world. However, it loses focus on selling your property in the UK due to global searches and multiple categories.

Home property website

#6. Home (

Pros: Amazing search functions, easy to use, shows older listings

Cons: Dated website

About: Home is an original property website which was one of the first on the internet, although it has a slightly dated website it shows reports and properties from all portals, arguable one of the best tools on the internet for property to compare prices.

Trovit property website

#7. Trovit (

Pros: Multiple categories, global listings, RSS Feeds

Cons: Less focus on property

About: Trovit is very similar to Mitula, it has multiple categories and also posts globally, not so much aimed at the property. Trovit crawls all types of listings across the internet from thousands of websites worldwide, bringing you multiple listings from all over the world. You can even set up RSS feeds and email alerts for anything in the categories. Trovit is an extremely powerful advertising component.

Nestoria Property Website

#8. Nestoria (

Pros: Search engine, good reporting, multiple search options

Cons: Lots of options, listings from everywhere

About: Nestoria is a property search engine and the 5th largest property website in the UK. It combines all the listings from multiple portals to give you an easy search function. 

Homes Go Fast

#9. HomesGoFast (

Pros: Strong overseas properties, excellent for villas, investments

Cons: Not just UK property

About: HomesGoFast popped up a few years ago and rapidly grew, initially starting in the UK it spread globally and is now seen as the leading resource for holiday apartments and investments.

Nethouseprices property website

#10. Nethouseprices (

Pros: Handy valuation tools, free to use

Cons: Slightly spammy, mobile app needs work

About: One of the first property portals was nethouseprices, well ahead of its game it has 50 years experience. Nethouseprices is one of the most visited UK property portals around the world. It is run by a small team of developers, however, does not lack all the features of a large property portal development team.. is a definite requirement to have your property listed if you want to make a quick sale on your house. Read more about nethouseprices here.


Other noteworthy property portals:

waterside properties

#11. Waterside Properties (

Waterside Properties is a specialist property website which hosts only sea-view and maria apartments. A site worthy of a holiday home.

Rentify property website

#12. Rentify (

Rentify is an interesting portfolio site which helps automate the lettings process, building stronger opportunities and providing a scheduled payment system for landlords.

It's also great for investors with a large portfolio with fixed gross yields across the UK, they guarantee investments with no voids, no arrears and no hassle.

uklanddirectory property website

#13. UK Land Directory (

The UK Land Directory lists all previous and available land on their website, it's the best place to go if you are looking to purchase some land to build a house or even run a farm!

They also have a place to sell your land with an easy registration process here. It's the perfect place to privately list your UK land to sell online.

smartnewhomes property website

#14. Smart New Homes (

Smart new homes is a team of investors on which they buy or build new homes. They pride themselves on listing most new builds around the UK and have many shared ownership deals.

Smart New Homes has a great guide to first-time buyers with the government help to buy scheme, this is only available for new builds, check out their guide on how to use the government scheme here.

property news

#15. Propertynews (

Lastly, Propertynews is a site which lists properties for sale in Northern Ireland, a similar site to Propertypal you can find an array of properties for sale and rent in Northern Ireland.


And there we have it, a definitive list of the UK's top property websites!

Interested in advertising on these property websites?

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