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Sell Your House Ireland - Advertise on Propertypal To Sell Your Home

Propertypal is the largest leading Irish property portal featuring millions of beautiful Irish homes in the heart of the country. Their website caters for sale and renters in all property markets, so every requirement box is ticked when using propertypal. When selling in Ireland on you will need to follow their 12 steps guide to advertising a home to make sure you are maximising your potential below;


1. When advertising on propertypal you will want to use high-quality photos so your home can really take centre stage within the propertypal portal

2. The number of photos and visuals are extremely important on propertypal, no one wants to buy a house with one photo, and they cannot see the garden.

3. Photo aspect is an extremely important look when advertising on property pal, you need to decide if the picture should be portrait or landscape depending on the property and sizes.

4. Make sure you get a correct valuation for your home, Griffin Residential can help give you a free valuation for any property before advertising on propertypal.

5. Brochures can offer even more potential to your listing on propertypal, a good brochure could contain historical property information and architectural information. You can upload your PDF brochue to propertypal to compliment the listing.

6. Home staging is a very important part of the house selling process, prepping your home ready for a sale is a crucial part, there is no point in putting up photos onto that look messy and untidy. Sometimes it's worth hiring a service to help plan how your house should look to help maximise viewings on propertypal.

7. The description is a vital factor in selling your home on property pal; people do not have time on the web to read through waffle therefore a short key description talking about the features the pictures do not to compliment the home.

8. Accurate location information is automated by propertypal, your home will automatically be pinpointed on a map, but you must make sure it is correct. Contact your estate agent if it is showing incorrectly as propertypal will not be able to change it.

9. Social media is a big part of the property selling process in the 20th century, luckily propertypal has a facebook account with 180k followers, paying a little bit extra can get you featured on their facebook account giving you maximum exposure.

10. Property videos are an upcoming trend which can be embedded on propertypal. Have an intriguing video walkthrough which illustrates your house in a better light. A good video should be more than just a few montages of photos but provide focal points to see the properties potential truly.

11. Get featured! You get twice the exposure on propertypal if you pay for featured listings, as a featured listing you will be shown above all other sellers in your area.

12. Go premium, being a premium listing helps your property stand out from the crowd and gives you a highly visible listing in the search results on propertypal.

Propertypal app

Propertypal has a number of tools which are extremely handy whether you are buying or selling a property, propertypal's app is one of a kind giving special user features which helps take house hunting to a new level. You can save and favourite properties with a swipe of a finger. The daily overview screen gives you a fresh update on how many views or any updates on your favourited propertypal properties.

Checking your favourites, you can see any propertypal price changes or date of when the property was added. They have also recently added enquiries to the mobile app, which means you can contact any propertypal agent to enquire about a house on the go. The last a big feature which is new to the property game is propertypal "pals" you can add friends into a group and share the properties with them as long as they also have the propertypal app.

Propertypal tools

What other features does propertypal have? Find a definitive list below;

1. Propertypal has a school finder therefore you can search for any schools and the local catchment areas.

2. Draw a search is a great tool to help you maximise the exact area you wish to search within cutting out the properties you do not want.

3. Propertypal has open viewings which are shown in your local area they also have show home listings

4. Propertypal uses instant alerts so they can notify you if a property appears in your search criteria

Propertypal News Network

Not only does propertypal have a clean and versatile property portal but also holds an interesting and constantly updated blog, it constantly discusses the house stock data giving insights and constant news that may possibly affect the property market in Ireland in future.

Propertypal stats in review for 2018

In 2018 propertypal released their stats for the year which was more than impressive, the propertypal facebook page reached 180,000 fans in January 2019. An astonishing 10,500+ searches for property are done on the propertypal website every HOUR! With over 100,000 visitors, everyday propertypal is the largest property portal in Ireland, and 500+ property pages are viewed every 1 minute. This means there is 175 searches every minute on propertypal. Just to top it all off someone googles "propertypal" every 5 seconds.

Propertypal News 2019

August 2019 Propertypal News: Propertypal has recently confirmed multiple agents are opening branches in Belfast due to a big property boom in Ireland, the latest news in houseprices are growing rapidly since a recent post on propertypal 14th August, the second quarter of 2019 highlights that prince in N.Ireland and England have increased over 0.8%

October 2019 Propertypal News: Propertypal has recently added a dreamhomes category which you can look at the most beautiful homes Northern Ireland has to offer here.


Interested in advertising on Propertypal?

Contact Griffin Residential if you are interested in advertising on any of the large advertising portals including propertypal, to find out more and how you can sell your property to its top market value and potential contact us now.