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Moving house in 2017

A New Year a new house! Reasons 2017 is the year to move

A lot of people decide that the start of a New Year is a time to make changes and take action in life. We all have different things we want to focus on and improve but if you are not happy with your home or where you live, you may find that moving home is a great idea for this year. There are many reasons why 2017 is the year to move, and if some of these reasons chime with you, it may be time to look for a new home.

Do you have enough space at home?

It may be that you feel hemmed in, cramped or needing more space at home. This has always been one of the biggest reasons for people and families moving home and it will remain a popular reason in 2017. If your family is expanding, you are welcoming older family members into your home, you are getting a pet or you are just looking for more space for work or activities, moving home makes sense.

Upgrading or downgrading

Circumstances change in people’s lives and it may be that people want to move home to upgrade or downgrade in life. Depending on how a person or a couple’s career is going, moving home to a more suitable property is a smart and sensible move. Whether someone is moving up the career ladder or has suffered an issue with their work, moving to a home, and mortgage, that is more in line with their finances, is always a strong reason to move home.


Some people have to move home for their work while others want to be closer to family members or loved ones. Relocating to a different area due to circumstances in life is a common reason for people moving home and this will always be the case, so 2017 shouldn’t be any different.

Getting children into a good school

A very strong reason for families moving home is to place their children into a good school. School catchment areas are hugely important in finding affordable and convenient education, and it is a big factor in people moving home. Homes in the catchment area for a good school will likely be more expensive, such is the demand for these homes. However, many parents consider the investment to be worthwhile if it increases the likelihood of their offspring receiving a good standard of education.

People who have been staying in a good school catchment area for a while and no longer need the benefits of the educational facility may find that selling their home is a smart idea because it can provide them with more money for their next property move.

People in need of a change

There will be times when people feel as though they need a change of scenery. While some people are looking for a house that will be a constant part of their life for decades to come, other people are not as attached to their home. This means that many families or individuals decide to move home to try something new or enjoy different experiences in life.

The chance to make a profit

Given the rise in property prices in recent years, some homeowners have found that the value of their house has risen significantly. This creates a chance to make a profit on the property, which means that some people will decide to sell their home