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Spring Garden hacks for April

Spring is the ideal time of year to get to work in your garden and April remains a fantastic time to carry out work on the outside of your property. Even if you aren’t the most experienced gardener, you will find that there are many spring garden hacks for April that will have a massive impact on how your property looks.

Feed the lawn

When we come out of winter, it is only natural that your garden will look slightly worse for wear, but you can give your lawn a helping hand. Adding some lawn feed to your garden will provide it with the nutrients it needs for the grass to grow back thicker and stronger.

Get rid of weeds

While this is the time of year when flowers start to bloom, it is also the time of year when weeds will appear. It makes sense to attack these as quickly and as strongly as you can. There are elements you can add to your garden area to help remove weeds but if you are fit and active, you can get to work by physically pulling out the weeds. You should look to wear gloves if you are pulling weeds out by hand as some weeds come with nettles, which can be slightly sore.

Add some colour

This is the ideal time of year to add some colour and if you cannot wait for your seeds and bulbs to sprout, buy some bedding plants from a local garden centre. These can be placed into a hanging basket to ensure that the area around your door provides a bright and colourful welcome.

Grow things that you can use

You may not be able to become fully self-sufficient but there is a great sense of satisfaction that comes from growing fruit, vegetables and herbs that you can eat and add to your dinner plate. Herbs like mint, basil and sage can be grown easily and these will add some flavour to a wide range of meals and dishes.

Make your garden more sociable

Whether you have furniture stored away from last year or you buy some, you can make the most of your garden by creating a space where you can socialise with family members and friends. If you install a decking area, you create a spacious area that allows you to relax and enjoy the very best weather that comes in spring or summer.

Given that the garden area has likely been out of bounds over the winter months, it is only natural that once the good weather rolls around, you will want to spend time in your garden. Take advantage of the improved weather in April to start making the changes that ensure you get the very best of your garden in spring and summer. There are many reasons you should take the time to make sure your garden looks as stylish and as attractive as possible, including adding value to your property, but for most people, having a great garden is all the incentive they need to take action.