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The Benefits of Using a Virtual Tour when Selling Your Home Online

The property market is not alone in having benefitted from improved technology but the way people view and consider homes has been completely transformed. It used to be that the only way a potential buyer could get a feel for a property was by visiting the property to view it, but this is no longer the case.

Virtual tours allow people to see every aspect of a home from the comfort of their own home or office. A virtual tour ensures that as many people as possible can see the property, increasing the scope for potential buyers. With virtual tours being available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to people from all around the world, the house up for sale will be presented to as many potential buyers as you can hope to find. This alone would be a significant benefit for firms to consider investing in this technology but the other benefits provided by this feature help to make this an essential feature for estate agents.

Virtual tours provide more information

A virtual tour provides a greater standard of insight and information than selected images or visual content. Given that a web page with images is likely to have more engagement than a page filled with just text, a page where viewers can interact with content is going to have an even greater level of engagement.

This means a potential buyer will be able to form a stronger opinion of a property and they will hopefully have fewer doubts about the property. This style of the tour is always likely to raise questions but when it comes to creating interested parties, anyone who follows up on a virtual tour is likely to have a genuine level of interest in the property. There is also the benefit of clients being better informed about the property as they understand the layout and what the property offers.

Another benefit comes from the fact that you can be confident about displaying your home when it looks at its best. It is always best to present a home when it is clean and tidy but if you have viewings over a period of time when the house is being lived in, this can be difficult. Cleaning the house thoroughly before the filming process ensures the property will be at its best when people look at it.

Why Virtual Tours Help Sell Homes Online Fast

An estate agent that offers virtual tours of the property will also benefit, with the following factors being relevant:

  • The estate agent will be viewed as a modern and progressive company – boosting its brand
  • The estate agent will benefit from increased traffic on their site – creating more opportunities to sell
  • Virtual tours save time – allowing the estate agent to focus on other matters
  • The content can be shared – increasing awareness of property and estate agent

Some statistics which back up the benefits of virtual tours include:

  • Property listings with a virtual tour receive 40% more views than listings with standard images
  • 75% of respondents stated they preferred interactive virtual tour listings over standard listings

Offering virtual tours provides clients with what they are looking for and it ensures the estate agent differentiates itself from its rivals and peers.