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Who needs to know I am moving house?

Who needs to know I am moving house?

If you are moving house, you may want to tell the world because you are so excited. However, there are people and organisations that you definitely have to contact and this helpful checklist will ensure you inform the right parties when you are moving house.

Services and utilities      

In the modern day, the average household relies on a wide range of services and utilities, which means that you may have a lot of companies to contact when you are moving property. You may not need to contact all of these providers but it is likely that you will need to contact some, if not all.

A task that many people choose to do when they are moving home is to have their mail directed from their old address to their new property. This creates a failsafe if you forget to tell someone or an organisation that you have moved home or if that company or organisation has failed to update their records. This means contacting the post office of your new address is likely to be one of the most important tasks when moving house.

These are the most common service or utility providers you need to contact regarding a property move:

  • Water  
  • Gas       
  • Electricity            
  • Telephone         
  • Post office          
  • Cable/satellite and internet service providers     
  • TV/video rental companies         
  • TV licensing       


Given the importance of financial matters in everyday life, it is vital that you keep your financial records up to date. This means you will likely have a number of organisations that you have to inform of your move. This is important because in some circumstances, failing to update organisations about your move can lead to you missing out on money or perhaps facing a penalty because you never notified an organisation about your move.

This is why you need to make sure you update your address details with the following firms or organisations:

  • Banks   
  • Building societies            
  • Credit card companies  
  • Council tax department
  • National savings and premium bonds     
  • Your employer 
  • Insurance companies    
  • Pension companies        
  • Inland revenue
  • Social security  
  • Solicitor               


It is also vital that you contact healthcare providers with your new address. This ensures that they can reach you when they need to contact you but it may also be that your move impacts on your relationship with them. By moving, you may have moved out of a catchment area or you may even be eligible for more support from a healthcare provider. It may also be that failing to advise a healthcare provider of a move will cause you trouble or hassle at a later date.

When moving home, be sure to contact the following bodies:

  • Doctor 
  • Dentist
  • Optician              


If you drive, there are a number of organisations you need to contact. This will ensure you receive support from service providers and it can prevent you from receiving a fine for not having the correct licence details.

  • DVLA    
  • Breakdown recovery company  
  • Vehicle registration        
  • Vehicle insurance            

Other people and providers

While the organisations stated above will probably cover most of the people you need to contact regarding a property move, there may be other people and companies to contact, including:    

  • Friends and relatives     
  • Subscriptions    
  • Milk delivery     
  • Newsagent        
  • Sports club         
  • Library 
  • Schools/colleges             

Don’t forget you should update any listed addresses you have in online accounts, such as Amazon.