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Winter Ideal Time To Buy and Sell Property

One of the most striking aspects of the property market is that there are so many experts with so many different opinions. It is good to have a range of opinions, but equally, if all you want is simple and straightforward advice, you may find that having so many options to choose from makes your life more difficult. This is why it is good to know that there are instances where many experts agree, and there is a lot to be said for winter time being the ideal time to buy and sell property.

Spring has long been the busiest time of year in the UK property market, the most traditional time of year for buyers and sellers. However, the market has changed considerably in recent times. The high level of demand for property in the UK means that there is no drop-off in demand for property and also, the emergence of online property portals allows buyers to review and search for properties at all times of year, at all times of day or night. No natter what the weather is like outside, people can search for homes from the comfort of their own home, from their place of work or even on the commute.

You should be active in winter

This means that winter is an active time to buy or sell property, but what are the reasons that make winter the ideal time to buy and sell property. At the start of 2018, property specialist Sarah Beeny spoke to various media outlets detailing the benefits of the winter market, and crucially, there are benefits for the buyer and seller.

The buyer has a chance to see properties at the most trying time of year. It is easier to present a home in summer-time, making it look and feel good for the potential buyer. In winter, it is much harder to mask any troubles or issues, which means the buyer receives a more honest viewing of the property. A reliable report or survey should always uncover issues, but buyers like to know early on if there is anything to be concerned about. A savvy buyer is one that looks for property in winter and when they find a property in good condition, they will be confident that they have a good option.

Savvy buyers and smart sellers come together

This is great news for homeowners whose home is in good condition. With buyers looking for good property, this is the ideal time of year to place a high-quality property onto the marketplace, as you should receive more attention.

There is also a very strong reason for sellers to place their home on the market in winter. The simple reason is that some homeowners won’t sell at winter, regardless of the level of demand, Individual homeowners will have their own reasons for wanting to avoid selling in winter, and this will be of benefit to you. After all, there is still a prominent level of demand, so having less competition can only be seen as a positive factor when looking to sell your home.

If you are looking to make the most of the property market in winter, come and speak to Griffin Residential. No matter how cold it is outside, you will receive a warm welcome from us, so get in touch.