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how to sell my house online

How To Sell My House Online

If you are looking to sell your house online for any reason whatsoever, at least get the most of it. Let us show you how.

There is a market - find it.

Market depicts the sense of an available buyer for every seller. If you want to sell your house, you can be sure that the ideal buyer(s) is somewhere. It is your job to find the most suitable market, or at the very least, employ the right hands to find the market for you.

With this supposedly general knowledge, how do you find the right market to sell my house online? This depends integrally on the method you choose to sell your house. Different sales methods attract different buyers. In recent years 95% of house buyers start online. There is no wrong way to sell your property. There are many ways to sell a house. We have, however, narrowed down the options for you, to the most common, acceptable sales means. Let us briefly review them with the best ways to sell your home online and sell fast.

Sell your house in any of these ways.

Private House Sale

1. The DIY Way, Sell My House Privately:

private house saleDo you have some extra time on your hands? Or do you love to work a lot? You could sell your house yourself. This way, the sole responsibility of advertising - taking photos and arranging viewing -, and property pricing, amongst other tedious processes, lies on you. The major upside to this is that since you do all the work yourself, you do not get to pay commissions upon the sales you make, to anyone, or any agency. This method is generally most feasible when you know a suitable buyer: a family friend, for instance.

Online Estate Agents

2. Selling My House With Online Estate Agents:

online estate agentIf there are many ways to sell your house, this unarguably is the most versatile. Selling your house through online agents puts the odds in your favour in every way. With so many people looking to buy homes online. With mobile phones and readily available connection, the internet is the most convenient means to check for property purchase.

Selling your house through online estate agents takes the burden off of you. With a daily audience running into hundreds of millions, your home gets the widest audience of potential buyers. Working through online agents ensures that you get the best deals with the least stress. Since online agents do not pay so much to the host websites, the commissions they charge are relatively small. While you can show your property online yourself on some property websites, realise that only online estate agents have access to the big guns: Rightmove and Zoopla. Griffin Residential is an online estate agent that is ready to take up the responsibility of selling your property. Contact us today!

Property Auctions

3. Selling My House At Property Auctions:

Sell to the highest bidder! Auctions do not have to be physical markets. You can set up paid auctions online too. This sounds good until you realise that the highest bidder may be offering the least price on a broader market. In essence, in more ways than one, you get cut short when you sell your property this way. 

Traditional Estate Agents

4. Sell My House With Traditional Estate Agents

traditional estate agentsThink of traditional estate agents as silhouettes of the online estate agents. They serve as a limited physical presence of the online agent's counterparts. They equally ease you of the tedious processes involved in property sales. They, however, charge higher commissions (sometimes 0.75-3%), since they do DIY tasks on your behalf. While they have a form of online presence, they are not as strong as the online estate agents. Hence, to maximally benefit from traditional estate agents, you might need more than one of them.

While there are many other ways to sell your house, you will realise upon scrutiny that most of the methods have the internet spice in them.

Other Methods To Sell My House

Specialist cash buyer - selling to these sites create a quick option that stops the property chain, however, you will get a much lower offer than the usual market rate. 
Sell online yourself - using other methods like eBay or gumtree you could advertise your house online without an estate agent.


How Many Viewings To Sell A House On Average?

According to research conducted in the UK, the average amount of viewings per sale is 15. but properties in the North needed fewer viewings than in the South.

Certain areas had a lower amount of property viewings including properties in Carlisle only required 6 viewings, however, properties in London tended to have 22 or 23 viewings on average!

This may be due to the price of the properties since London is significantly more expensive people are more careful.

When is the Best Time Of Year To Sell My House?

Having reviewed four common ways to attract the right market, let's discuss the right timing.

You should schedule to sell your property online when:

  • Workers are paid en masse.
  • Significant incentives are granted.
  • The nation as a whole, experiences exponential boom.
  • The market is the most competitive.

Spring is the best and busiest period for property sales of any sort. With the least holidays and shortest duration, it is a hit-and-run operation. Summer is slightly slower before picking up in the autumn months, winter (especially December) is the slowest with people usually dealing with the Christmas break. However, any month is still good to list your property online as there are always buyers looking for the latest deal.

The waiting process

While there is no specific waiting time, you can be sure that the internet offers the shortest durations. Put up your house for sale in your local newspaper if you still plan to stay there for say five years.

The location of your property could also affect how fast it would sell. It is only logical that properties located in urban areas sell more quickly than those in rural areas. Regardless, with really efficient online estate agents, the average waiting time is usually eight weeks. Online estate agents remove intermediaries and speed up the process. It would be unrealistic not to mention the luck factor. Sometimes, you can sell your property in only a few hours; sometimes it can take a lot longer, for no particular reason.

It is also not enough that your property is beautiful or in good condition. Make known to others, what you know! In essence, package your property excellently. Use a professional camera, and take beautiful pictures of your home. If anything, these little things attract more potential buyers. Since some will not be able to travel from wherever they are to inspect the house until confirmation of purchase, bring the house to them online! Use efficient online agents, and all of these will be handled very well. Ultimately, proper packaging shortens waiting time and helps to sell your house fast.

Some Tips To Help "Sell My House"

  • Make the property bright and airy: Open the windows, clear and clutter and give the walls a fresh coat of paint
  • Time the sale: Property tends to sell better in autumn and spring.
  • Promote local perks: are there local gyms, train stations, schools or restaurants? If there are mention them in your ads
  • Remove any sights of pets: Although we love our pets some buyers might not, so just removing any signs of animals could make a sale quicker
  • Don't forget to get a good online house valuation from an estate agent

We will quickly point out that in the adventure to sell your house, you must incur some costs! While online estate agents make the process seamlessly easy, never expect it to be as simple as buying or selling in the conventional sense of it. While you eventually make money from your house sale, you must have spent some money on selling the house. Bulleted below are some expenses you may incur in selling your house:

Conveyancing: This is an aspect of the law that entails the transfer of documents of ownership of a property from one party to another. It ranges from £100 - £41000+.
Estate agent fees: This is the fee you pay to estate agents (either online estate agent or traditional) for the services they render. This is the same as the commissions they charge. For traditional agents, it ranges from 0.75-3%. Online agents charge cheaper fees.
Removals: These include the final aspect of house moving. They entail the transport of goods, clothes, furniture, or any other items that you own. Removal companies charge different fees; generally £400 - £1500.
Energy performance certificate: They are certificates that are issued by the government, providing energy efficiency ratings for your property. They range from A (very efficient) to G (inefficient). EPC cost can start at around £75.
Capital gains tax: When you sell any property, the government gets a particular percentage of the revenue you earn, because they are the government! When you sell for below £11, 100, there are no taxes charged. For sales above 11k, tax percentages range from 18-28%.
In conclusion

While there are truly innumerable ways to sell your house online, online estate agents offer the most seamless and efficient ways. Your house means to us, as much as it means to you. We remove from your shoulders the burdens involved in property sales.

If at all you are going to sell your house online, sell it right!

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