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Helpful tips

Maximise your chances of selling your house

While there is a high level of demand for property, selling your home can still be a difficult task. You can maximise your chances of selling your house with our helpful tips.

Find the right estate agent for your needs

There are now a number of different types of estate agents to choose from in selling your house and you should think about your aims and what your needs are, as this will help you find the estate agent that is best for you. There has been a lot of focus on online estate agents and for people who don’t need comprehensive support in selling a home, an online estate agent is likely to offer affordable value for money services.

The increasing importance of online property portals has transformed the property market, providing sellers with a greater opportunity of having their property seen by potential buyers.

Research local property prices and be realistic

When looking to sell a home, price is vital. If a price is too high, many potential buyers will back away from the deal. Eventually, if a property that has been initially over-priced has a price reduction, there is a tendency for some buyers to question what is wrong with the problem that it has required a price reduction. This means the property will be tainted in some eyes, harming the chances of selling the home.

If a property has been under-priced or valued, it may sell quickly but the seller will lose out on money. This means the initial price is a crucial factor and this means you need to research the local property market. Look at similar homes and find out the most reasonable price for properties of this nature.

Ensure your property has a strong “kerb appeal”

The impression a potential buyer forms when they first look at your property is crucial in how they feel about the home. While you are unlikely to make a sale before a buyer steps inside the house, you can lose a sale. This means you need to ensure the outside of your property is clean, spacious, attractive and welcoming.

If you can, approach the property and try to view it with fresh eyes. If you cannot do this and you just see the same home you return to every day, ask for assistance from a friend, colleague or a professional in the industry. Realising the flaws and issues of a garden and property can make the presentation process a whole lot easier.

De-clutter and clean thoroughly

There are many things which can be done with a property to present it best but the first, and most important stage, is to clean and de-clutter. Review your belongings and get rid of items that you don’t need or that you don’t want to take with you. You should also take the time to thoroughly clean your property, making sure it is spotless.

Give each room a purpose or theme

If there is a room in your home which is used for storage or has become a hotchpotch of ideas, it is time to clear it out and give it a proper theme. Even if you don’t actually use the room for the purpose you are giving it (say an office, a gym or a study), having a clear purpose will make it easier for a potential buyer to picture the room being used by themselves.

Get help when you need it

Selling a home is a big task and there are people who do this work professionally on a daily basis. If there are issues you are struggling with, it makes sense to call on professionals for help. An example would be guiding the potential buyer around the property during the viewing process. If you don’t feel confident at this stage, hire someone who is.

If you have a number of offers, is there a better buyer for you?

Another tip that can make selling a property easy is applicable if you have a number of offers. If you have a straight choice between someone who is part of a chain and someone who isn’t (say a first time buyer), avoiding the chain can remove a lot of stress and hassle. If you have a choice between someone who will buy the home with a mortgage and someone who has direct access to the funds required to buy the home, it makes sense to choose the buyer that doesn’t need the mortgage.

It may be that you aren’t fortunate enough to have this choice to make but if you don, don’t just accept the first offer you see; reviewing your options may help you uncover a more suitable selection.

Following these tips will maximise your chances of selling your home.