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Mouseprice UK

Mouseprice Valuation Tool - What Is It & How To Use It?

Mouseprice is a hidden gem of tools which anyone can use to find out what property was bought for from the comprehensive, up-to-date data they collect from every house sale in the UK.

Mouseprice uk, once an analytics company for banking, they decided to take another route and use all the property data they held to help inform others on when and how much a property was bought for previously.

Not only can you search sold listings but also rental and for-sale properties in the current active market overall, giving you a great idea of how much your house is truly worth for a personal second opinion from


How to use Mouseprice?

Mouseprice is very straightforward, go to their website and enter in the property/street data and hit enter!

The following screen will show you all the properties down that street and the records that they hold for each one.


How to estimate the value of a house from Mouseprice sold prices?

There are several methods you can use to determine a house price on Mouseprice.


1. Looking at values from mouseprice sold prices

An excellent way to gain an estimate of the cost of a home is to look at other properties down the same road was sold for recently, this could be matched with the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and garden space to estimate a price. Using a mouseprice heat map which is designed as a very simple demonstration of what could be achieved in future technology.

2. Looking at area trends

Prices constantly change within the housing market and also depend on the area. Using Mouseprice you can work out whether this is a good or bad time to sell your home. Another great tool is the Land Registry Website, which also holds a lot of data for different areas or try using the mouseprice area guide to see the latest trends.

3. Property hunting for active listings

Checking old sale prices on Mouseprice is handy, but they are in the past so cannot be wholly relied on. Using Mouseprice you can hunt properties that are actively listed. This will help give you the current price of your home.

4. Is your home at risk?

Do not forget to check your flood risks and other external factors such as pollution as this can adversely affect future prices.

Mouseprice News

Mouseprice holds a wealth of knowledge on it's recent new articles including building an environmentally friendly home, house names and insurance for properties.

Mouseprice splits up it's knowledge by estate agents, house sellers, property buyers and property valuations.

What is Mouseprice Pro?

Mouseprice pro gives you much more information helping you to make an easier decision with buying and selling properties.

Mouseprice's extensive property data has 18 million historic estate agent listings, 90 million property photos and 20 million sold records. Mouseprice also provides new tools like unique fly-by search, easy search options, heat maps and gives higher usage limits. Mouseprice pro is open with it's pricing for a small fee of £28 per month.

Other methods of finding a house price

Mouseprice valuation tools are free but Griffin Residential also offers a free valuation for any property from our professional team, feel free to contact us here.


Stuck? Why not follow one of Mouseprices own guides here to finding property price histories.