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The Boxing Day Bounce: Prepare Your Home For Interest

There are many things to look forward to over the festive period but did you know that if you are looking to sell your home in 2018, this may be the time of year when people are looking for your home? You may think that the period between Christmas and New Year is the ideal time to relax, unwind and catch up on box-sets or your saved TV programmes but it seems as though keen property buyers are looking for their next move.

This is all down to The Boxing Day Bounce. On Christmas Day in 2015, Rightmove welcomed a million people to their website and on Boxing Day, even more people were checking out the site. This continued into the New Year and by the time of the first full working day of 2016, Rightmove had three million people on their site in a single day. This trend continued last year and in 2017 going into 2018, there is nothing to suggest that anything different will occur.

There are many keen buyers at this time of year

The fact that so many keen buyers are checking out property at this time of year suggests you want to have your property listed. A large part of selling your home is ensuring it is seen by the right buyers, so make sure that your property is listed at the time when people are actively looking for property.

There is also another reason why you should list your property at this time of year. Many homeowners who are keen to sell their home don’t actually want to list their property over the festive period. You can see why this isn’t a suitable or convenient time for many people. Some folk travel over Christmas, some folk want to enjoy the festive period and there may be people who say that it is too cold to get involved with making a home look appealing for potential buyers.

Tip the odds in your favour when selling property

No matter the reason someone has for not wanting to list their home at this time of year, it is good news for you. This is because when there are more buyers looking for property and fewer homes listed for sale, the property that is on the market has a greater chance of being seen. If you make sure that your home is one of the properties listed on the marketplace at this time, you will see that your chances of selling your home are improved.

Having better odds in your favour is definitely something that you want to happen when selling your home. This means you should consider The Boxing Day Bounce and if you are in a position to, make sure your home is listed before we head into 2018. If you want to sell your home next year, you’ll find that starting the process in 2017 helps and for guidance and advice, make sure you get in touch with Griffin Residential.