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Selling in the Summer time? 9 Top tips

 Summer time can be the best time to sell your property. The weather is generally better making your inside spaces look brighter and your garden look more vibrant.


 Not only does this make marketing your property easier due to the photos being taken when the properties looks it’s best, but people are generally happier and more positive when the sun is shining.


 That being said, there are still a number of things you can do to ensure that you really capitalise when it comes to selling your property in the summer time.


 Get organised

 Have a solicitor instructed, as this will tell buyers that you are ready to go. It will also show buyers that you are serious and will not muck them around which is extremely valuable in tricky property market conditions.


 Keep it tidy

 One of the most important things you can do is keep your property tidy and looking its absolute best during viewings. There are a lot of people who can’t look passed filth and clutter, which may affect their decision on purchasing your property.


 Make more space

 Have you got too much packed into one room? Make your house more spacious during the sale period as this will give your viewers a better idea of the layout and space available in the property.


 Fix it up

 Don’t leave anything broken, especially if it’s something that the buyer will inevitably have to fix. This will encourage people to offer at a reduced price with their motive being ‘if I’m going to have to fix that broken garage door as soon as I move in, I want money off!’.


 Brighten it up

 People tend to be more attracted to light and airy places. Therefore, you should like to welcome as much light into the property to make your property feel like it would be pleasant to live in.


 Hold an open house

 Open houses are a great for a number of reasons. The two main reasons why you should hold an open house at your property is because it will create a buzz in the property market and will also get all of your viewings done in one day, which is much more convenient for you.


 Cover up pet odours

 Not everyone has or wants a pet. Reasons being that they can smell and make their property look dirty or untidy, if not regularly cleaned. For the sake of keeping your viewers happy, spray floral de-odour sprays around your property or open the windows to reduce pet odours.


 Be Flexible

 Try to be flexible when it comes to accepting viewings, as you will want to show people around as soon as possible. Remember, a serious buyer will be looking a high number of houses in a short period of time. If you can’t take his/her viewing until a fortnight on Friday, then you will be too late.



 Be realistic

 If your property still isn’t selling after a number of weeks or months, you should be looking at the reasons why. You could put it down to bad luck or Brexit, or you could look at the realistic possibility that the property is valued to high in the current market.



With these 10 tips, you’ll stand in great stead for when it comes to selling your property this summer. For more property selling advice, contact us here at Griffin Residential.