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Why Buying A House Is Like Planning A Wedding

While we have decisions and events every single day in life, there are some decisions and some events that are bigger than virtually everything else. No matter how long a person lives for, there are not many bigger events than buying a home or getting married. There is a massive financial commitment to both events but there is also a mental and physical commitment too. There is also the fact that many couples go through the process around the same time, buying a home to share together in the aftermath of their wedding.

With this in mind, it is easy to see why buying a house is like planning a wedding. In both cases, the financial aspect is a massive influence and it is always best to think seriously about your finances before you make plans because the budget is crucial.

If you have a limited budget, you won’t be able to afford certain rings, dresses or locations; similar to not being able to afford certain homes or finding yourself being denied access to certain mortgages. Whether you are buying a house or planning a wedding, if you can save as much money as you can in advance before you get started, you will improve your chances of having the wedding of your dreams/finding the home of your dreams.

With respect to the people involved in the process, there are some funny/cruel/scarily accurate comparisons to be made, depending on your viewpoints of the house buying process and weddings.

A lot of people will draw a comparison between the bride and the buyer of the property. There are plenty of people involved but in reality, the day is all about them. This means that the bride/buyer can make a lot of demands, they will feel under pressure over the slightest issue and you may find that they are far from their usual self until everything falls into place and comes together.

The mother of the bride has often been likened to a surveyor. This is because it is the mother of the bride’s role to review everything, give advice and make sure that everything runs as it should. Clearly the mother of the bride is invested in the success of a wedding than a surveyor should be in a property review, they should be unbiased, but you can see that there are similarities in the roles!

Traditionally, the father of the bride would have played the role of the mortgage lender, but in these more enlightened times, this isn’t as much the case as it used to be. However, there are still plenty of occasions when the father of the bride is responsible for the financing of the day, and it is their thoughts and opinions that count for a lot with respect to how much money should be spent on the happy occasion.

Other comparisons have been made to say the groom is like the removal company. They have a big role to play in the day, and they will often be asked for advice or an opinion, but in the end, the groom is there to do as they are told by the bride, which is pretty much the scenario facing a removals company when assisting someone move home.

The fact that wedding days and buying property are massive commitments that represent the biggest outlay a person will make in their life is all the comparison you need to make between these activities. However, there is no getting away from the fact that there is some fun to be had in drawing comparisons between these events.