Surewise Insurance

When you purchase a new home, you want the peace of mind that should anything go wrong, you’re covered against home emergencies and more. That’s why we’ve teamed up with to offer our clients/customers quality insurance policies for your home and its contents.

We can offer you the following insurance policies to give you total peace of mind throughout the process of buying your home.

With Surewise reviews being five stars on Trustpilot, they have excellent coverage and support.

Surewise Home Buyers Insurance

The process of buying a home can be costly, and doesn’t always run smoothly. If your home purchase falls through,’s home buyers insurance will cover you for surveyors’ fees, lenders fees and any other losses suffered through no fault of your own.

With 3 levels of cover to choose from, you’ll have the peace of mind that should your purchase fall through, there will be no financial loss to you.

Home Buyers Insurance

Surewise Home Emergency

There is no way to predict accidents and emergencies, so we say it’s best to be prepared and cover yourself now for any unexpected events that may occur in your home in the future.

Home emergency insurance will help you recover from a range of emergencies, from adverse weather damage to a faulty boiler system. Starting from just £45 per year, have a range of levels of home emergency cover available to homeowners looking to protect themselves against the unexpected.

Home Emergency

Landlords Rent Guarantee

If you are purchasing a property with the view of renting it out, investing in a Landlords rent guarantee policy would be a good choice. This policy will give you the protection you need if your tenant fails to pay you rent or charges due.

Get a quote for your policy today for instant access to a legal helpline, as well as the cover you need against a number of risks for landlords, including legal disputes and rent recovery if necessary.

Landlords Rent Guarantee

Storage Insurance

Many people buying houses will need to temporarily store their possession safely during the moving process - and self storage insurance will protect your belongings even when they’re out of sight.

Giving you the cover you need against theft, loss, and damage from adverse weather and more, a self storage insurance policy gives you that extra layer of protection you need against the unexpected. Starting from as little as £0.78 per week, get a quote for your own policy to cover your belongings today.

Storage Insurance