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Valuing properties has long been the responsibility of estate agents. There are now several places to get a free online house valuation that allowing sellers to get instant house valuations with a lot less hassle. You will not typically need to have any previous house value information to hand as there are a number of ways to accurately provide a property value estimate.

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We offer comprehensive property valuations utilising property sale data and expert property estimator knowledge.

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Thinking of selling your property and need to know how much your house is worth?

Curious about how much your current property value has changed?

Received an offer and want to make sure that its inline with your property value?

Take full advantage of our house value calculator and get a FREE online house valuation today!

Free House Valuation Tool

Our house valuation calculator provides an accurate house price estimate utilising a number of different sources ensuring that your free valuation is as accurate as possible. Should you want to double check the online home value obtained from our tool, there are three other sites that we would recommend using when valuing your property online:

There are three home valuation sites that we would recommend using when valuing your own property:

All three websites allow you to monitor current prices in your area for properties of a similar size and specification to your own. They also list properties that are currently for sale in your area and provide an estimated value based on the previous sale price and date of each property.

So if you are thinking, how much is my house worth? Consider using these instant online house valuation tools on a property value website.

Rightmove Property Valuation


Rightmove is a well known property value website providing property sale services nationwide. Rightmove's Price Comparison tool brings together Rightmove, Land Registry and Register of Scotland house price data in one place.

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Zoopla Property Valuation


The 2nd most popular property sale website, Zoopla’s valuation tool provides the most recent sold prices and the estimated value of every property in your postcode, offering an accurate online market value for your property.

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Mouseprice Property Valuation


Mouseprice uses Land Registry data to provide an average value per postcode and historic prices of recently sold property. It’s extensive house valuation data makes it an accurate property value website.

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Griffin Residential

Free Online Property Valuation

Free House Valuation Tool

Alternatively, you can get a FREE Online House Valuation with our comprehensive property value estimator. For a more accurate home value estimate, contact our valuation experts today to arrange a home visit!

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What are the benefits of an online house valuation?

Many people ask "what are the house prices in my street?". When getting an online house valuation, it is the quickest and easiest way to determine your properties price. With a number of property value websites at your disposal, their free online property valuation tools are hassle free and more accurate than obtaining a property valuation directly from an estate agent.

What information do you need for a free online house valuation?

You only need a few details to get started to use our home selling price calculator. You will need the postcode, the number of rooms and your contact information. Once completed, we will send your instant online house valuation to the saved contact details. You will also receive more information on a more in-depth property valuation alongside other options which may help us provide a more accurate house value estimate. If you would like a property valuation from the experts at Griffin Residential, use our online property valuation tool now!

How does a free house valuation tool work

Do you find yourself asking "I need to find the property value of my home" or "I want to know the free market value of my home?" we can find home value by address using our online valuation tool. An online instant house valuation is a comparison of house value data accumulated over several years; we use our extensive home value data to work out the sold and active market properties to give you an estimated house value for your property. An online home valuation is the best way to start out if you are looking to sell your home as it gives you a snapshot of the property market, supporting you in your decision to sell your home.

Will the free house valuation be accurate?

Griffin Residential has one of the most accurate home value website tools on the internet. Our property tool utlises advanced technology and reams of data that it pieces together to form an accurate home value estimate. We pride ourself on our home valuations providing the most accurate home value estimations available on the market, however, if you would like a more in-depth property valuation, we recommend a face to face meeting with our expert home value estimators. Our tool cannot see the condition, the size and any features which could increase your home value, this is exactly why a meeting with our house value estimators is so important.

Not planning to move yet?

Even if you are not planning to move our house online valuation tool yet is an excellent way to determine the price and what you could improve on in the future. Regular online house valuations will help you keep track of any ups and downs in the market. Free online home valuations can also help predict the additional house value that would be added should you decide to expand on your property before selling, helping you to predict any additional profit or mitigate losses.

What are the next steps after my free online house valuation?

If you are just looking for a house value estimate then you now have an estimated price for your property that you don’t need to act upon. However, if you are looking to sell your house, we recommend requesting a visit from an expert property estimator. Griffin Residential can send a specialist to your house in order to provide a more accurate estimate, with their specialist property valuation skillset, they can find the unique selling points in your home and apply extensive market knowledge to guide you in your property sale

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Use our online House price calculator to get the accurate property value estimates in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

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Free Online House Valuation

Free Online House Valuation

With our comprehensive property value estimator you can get a FREE Online House Valuation. Contact our valuation experts today to arrange a home visit for a more accurate home value estimate!